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Triberg waterfalls

Triberg, Germany

Famous for its cuckoo clocks and waterfalls, Triberg im Schwarzwald is one of the main tourist destinations in the Black Forest.

To be honest, it is not the most attractive of villages and the incessant stream of tour buses in the high season heading for attractions such as the world's largest cuckoo clock or the Black Forest cherry cake in every restaurant window does detract from most of the remaining charm.

But it is located in a very convenient position at the heart of the central Black Forest and, if you imagine away all of the other visitors, the waterfalls and interesting local museum are well worth a visit.

Where is Triberg in the Black Forest?

Map of Baden-Württemberg with Triberg

Triberg is situated in the southern part of the central Black Forest in the southwestern German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Despite the fact that it is in the heart of the forests and valley of the rural region it is surprising accessible for visitors.

Getting to Triberg

Triberg is a stop on the main railway line through the Black Forest between the major cities of Karlsruhe and Konstanz and has frequent regional train services. Visitors arriving by train should note that the railway station is located down a moderately steep hill from the main town - a bus service connects with the train schedule.

Those looking to arrive by car will find Triberg at the junction of the B33 (connecting Villingen-Schwenningen with Hausach) and the B500 (which heads south towards Titisee and, eventually, Freiburg).

What to do in Triberg

Triberg is very much a tourist destination for day-trippers. Around a quarter of a million tourists visit the village each year but only a small proportion of them stay overnight. It is true that the main attractions in the village can be 'ticked off' within the space of one day, but the village's central location and ease of access to other Black Forest sights means that visitors should not discount using it as a base for a break in the region.

Triberg village
The centre of Triberg im Schwarzwald

The History of Triberg

The early history of Triberg is pretty much a mystery with only a few burial sites and stone mounds offering any information about the historical development before the 12th century. It is known that a knight from the Ulm area, an Adelbert von Ellerbach, opened up the entire Gutach valley around 1100.

He built a castle in a prominent location in today's Gremmelsbach district, which is now considered as the starting point of the village as a settlement.

Another fortification, Triberg Castle, was built a little later near the present-day site of the Kurhaus. It was destroyed in the 17th century.

Triberg itself was almost completely obliterated by a devastating fire in 1826. The new Triberg was laid out in a classicist architectural style by Karlsruhe architect Friedrich Weinbrenner with a long straight wide main street with substantial houses on both sides and the striking town hall.

With its location deep in the Black Forest, Triberg became an official 'Kurort' - a place for people to recover in a healthy climate - and could boast the first electric street lighting in the whole of Germany.

The Triberg Falls

Triberg waterfalls
The Triberg waterfalls

The Triberg waterfalls are located just above the main village near the tourist office and form Germany's highest waterfall, falling a total of 163 meters in a series of cascades.

The first official trail up the waterfalls was created back at the start of the 19th century and, with the opening of the Black Forest railway, attracted visitors to the romantic ideal of the Black Forest region and its natural beauty. The falls were immortalised by numerous painters and illustrators and the Triberg Waterfalls became known as "Germany's most beautiful natural wonder".

There are three different routes up the seven stages of the waterfalls depending on how energetic the visitor wishes to be. There is an entrance fee for the Triberg waterfall trails and tickets are available simply for the falls or for the waterfalls and Black Forest Museum combined.

The falls are particularly spectacular at periods after heavy rain or snowmelt and are illuminated during a special Advent festival - the Triberger Weihnachtszauber ('Triberg Christmas Magic') - along with a Christmas market.

The Black Forest Museum

Black Forest Museum in Triberg
The Black Forest Museum in Triberg

The Black Forest Museum ('Schwarzwaldmuseum') near the tourist office and lower entrance to the waterfalls houses a small but varied and interesting collection. As well as information about variations of the cuckoo clock, there are various rooms showing how local people lived and worked in past centuries, a collection of barrel organs and some displays of the traditional Black Forest dress worn by Triberg locals during special occasions.

Where to Stay in Triberg

Those looking for a Triberg hotel room can try one of the options below. Those who prefer self catering apartments or bed-and-breakfast accommodation may prefer to check the apartment and room availability on the map below the hotel listings.

Hotels in Triberg

Best Western Plus Schwarzwald Residenz, Triberg
Best Western Plus Schwarzwald Residenz
Bürgermeister-De-Pellegrini-Strasse 20
78098 Triberg
Hotel Restaurant Ketterer, Triberg
Hotel Restaurant Ketterer
Friedrichstraße 7-11
78098 Triberg

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